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Friday, April 25, 2014
Practice Philosophy
To provide a level of service that not only meets the needs, but exceeds the expectations of our clients. This can be achieved by: “Holding yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you.”
Henry Ward Beecher
Contact Details

28 King St, Upper Hutt, Wellington.

Phone: (04) 528-5927
Fax: (04) 528-2042
After Hours:

(04) 473-7545
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Clinic Hours
Consultation Hours:

Mon - Fri:
8:00am - 8:30am
10:30am - 12:00pm
1:30pm  -  6:00pm
6:30pm  -  8:00pm

Weekends / Stat Holidays:
9:00am - 12:00pm
1:30pm  -  4:00pm

Hours of Opening:
Mon - Fri:
8:00am - 8:00pm

Weekends / Stat Holidays:
9:00am - 4:00pm

Except Christmas, New Years, and Good Friday
Vets Online Information
Welcome to Maidstone Veterinary Clinic Website


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The Maidstone Veterinary Clinic is staffed by 4 full time veterinarians with a cumulative 40 years of veterinary knowledge and 3 qualified vet nurses. Although the strength of the practice is in pets and companion animals, 2 of our vets have skills and knowledge with farm animals as well as horses. We pride ourselves in giving every client the best quality, most affordable and up-to-date veterinary care we can, tailored to suit both the owner and their pets individual needs. Our fully qualified, friendly team of vets and vet nurses all love animals and strive to continually maintain and improve our practice standards.

Our Commitment to You and Your Pets

As professionals, veterinarians and nurses are continually improving their skills and are encouraged to stay abreast with the continual change of diagnostic skills, medicines and surgical procedures. We do this by attending conferences and seminars, reading medical journals and veterinary text books, internet forums for case discussions, staff meetings and in-house training courses and collegial discussions. We stock a wide range of Animal Health Care products and medicines. We stay in close contact with Pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers who keep us informed of any changes in the availability of or any new and better products arriving on the market. Our nursing staff also receive education material and get to attend evening courses run by industry representatives.

Thank you for choosing to bring your pet to our veterinary clinic. The following is information about our practice that may be of benefit to you.

To minimize delays and waiting times to our clients, our consultation times cover almost the whole day and are by booked appointments. Naturally in the event of an emergency please bring your pet in at any time during opening hours. It is always preferable to phone in advance to ensure a veterinarian is available on site. We also welcome clients to leave their pets with us for a few hours, or the day, if this is more convenient to carry out a check over or run some tests. Once again welcome to our practice.

Fur, Four Feet, and Fifteen Minutes of Fame Monthly Winner

Fur, Four Feet and Fifteen Minutes of Fame Monthly Winner

Mr March - Little Guy

The little guy had a bad start to his life. He is Gypsy’s half brother. His Mum Treasure had to have an emergency c-section, and lost 4 of the 5 puppies she had. The little guy I had to tube and bottle feed, which involved a lot off hours of worry, wondering if he would pull through. Well all that work paid off, and he has turned into a lovely little boy. This is the sort of things that can happen from time to time in breeding. The reward is seeing them make it, and turn out happy and loved pets. He was the smallest of the three pups, the other two being his half brother and sister, but he was a real battler, and totally stuck up for himself refusing to be bossed around by them. You never forget the success story’s


Hutt River Warnings:

Medium risk from toxic algae in Hutt River at silverstream

Although toxic algae cover is low at this site, mats have started to wash up on the river’s edge posing a risk to dogs and humans. Warning signs have been put in place at key access points to this part of the river.

At all other monitoring sites the risk from algae remains low.

Dogs are particualrly susceptible to cyanobateria toxins because they like to scavenge at the river's edge. Dogs should be kept on a lead or kept away from the riverside.

Cyanobacteria is identifiable as thick clumps (mats) of algae washed up at the rivers edge, which is brown or balck in colour.

River users should avoid contact with mats of algae, taking extra care that children do not touch the mats. These mats contain toxins which can cause vomiting, diarrohea and skin irritations in humans.

Symptoms of poisoning in animals exposed to the type of cyanotoxins identified in the Hutt River and Waikanae River during a similar incident 2005/2006 included lethargy, muscle tremors, fast breathing. twitching, paralysis and convulsions. In extreme cases death can occur within 30 minutes of signs first appearing. Pet owners are urged to contact their veterinarian immediately if they are concerned their pet may have been poisoned by the algae.

To find out more check the toxic algae warnings webpage

Recommendations and Feedback from Clients:

"I would just like to say a huge thanks to the lovely staff at Maidstone Vet. The front desk are always so friendly and helpful. Today I took my cat  in for his annual check up and saw Andrew and he was extremely helpful. 
I feel that when I am there that you are much more personable and all your vets are much more understanding and have better empathy. So a huge thanks to you all!" - Chrissy

"I have been taking my dogs to Maidstone Vets for the past 12 years - I can honestly say that in all this time I have never once had a reason to question a single thing.  The vets and nurses are more than helpful, efficient and very caring.  I know that the dogs are in the best hands and could not be more confident in how they are treated be it a consult or surgery."  - Harriet

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