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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Bonus points


As a means of acknowledging our valued clients continued support we are looking to introduce a loyalty scheme. This is still in the beginning stages of being set up, but the information below is how we plan for it to work.

Much like Fly Buys and frequent flyer schemes, we will be offering Bonus Points on certain lines of products purchased. At the moment these bonus points are only available on Frontline and horse worming products. We are currently in discussions with our suppliers about increasing this range.

These points are accumulative and can be used towards any future purchases made at the clinic.
(100 points  = $1).
On joining this scheme you will be issued with a key card. This is a small card with the clinic details and a barcode that can be attached to your key ring. None of you personal details will appear on this card.


By bringing the card for us to scan each time you come into the clinic, purchases you make will be allocated / linked to your client file and any applicable bonus points will be added to your total. (These bonus points will have an 18 month expiry date from date of purchase and a redemption threshold of a minimum of 1000 points or $10).

If you would like to join this loyalty program please don't hesitate to contact us. There will be a ONE OFF cost of $5. This is to cover the cost of the card and the initial set up expenses. Replacement (or additional cards) can be purchased for $3. (Some clients may be exempt this fee, special conditions apply). 

If you have registered an email address with us you are now able to log in to our website (under My Records) to check how many bonus points you have collected. You will also be able to:

  • Change your contact details / address.
  • See which animals you have registered with us and any reminders that are due.
  • See what products you have purchased and on what date. E.g. wormers / flea control.
  • See an up to date account balance and payments you have made.

In order to sign into this part of the website all you need to know is the email address we have in our records (user name) and your client number (password). We recommend changing your password the first time you sign in.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.



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