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Saturday, July 21, 2018
Large Animal (Opens in Internet Explorer)
 TitleModified DateSize 
Advice for Cattle Owners1/4/200833.51 KBDownload
Advice Sheep & Goat Owners1/4/200845.44 KBDownload
Horse Deworming1/4/200830.89 KBDownload
Horse Vaccinations1/4/200843.83 KBDownload
Piglet Care 1/4/200810.96 KBDownload
Vets Online Pet Health Care Information

Cat Care Information

Dog Care Information

Vets Online is a wonderful resource to those whom have a pet and addresses topics such as:
  • Administering medication.
  • Senior Dog or Cat Care
  • Questions regarding fleas,
  • Instructions and things to think about if you are planning to travel with your pet
  • Pre/post operation information.
  • Maybe your pets quality of life is not quite the same or maybe you've lost a cat in a Hit by car and need some help in dealing with Bereavement  
  • Puppy and Kitten Information - Diseases that they can get and vaccinations to prevent the diseases
  • Basic health checks for the Feline and Canine
  • Parasites
  • Arthritis
  • Dental Care
  • Household Dangers

Click on the appropriate species link so the information will be geared towards your furry friend and help you appropriately with your inquiry.

Small Animal (Opens in Internet Explorer)
 TitleModified DateSize 
Bitch Spay11/3/2014119.85 KBDownload
Breeding Dogs9/28/200940.88 KBDownload
Cat Boarding Infomation11/27/201534.42 KBDownload
Cat FIV - AIDS9/28/200952.51 KBDownload
Cat Reproduction9/28/200943.59 KBDownload
Cat Vaccinations9/28/200962.41 KBDownload
Client Guide9/28/200945.80 KBDownload
Dog Vaccination9/28/200959.71 KBDownload
Euthanasia9/28/200929.82 KBDownload
Export Infomation9/28/200953.65 KBDownload
Flea Control9/28/200983.37 KBDownload
Geriatic Pet9/28/200943.39 KBDownload
Hand Rasing Orphans9/28/200938.70 KBDownload
Indoor Spraying - Cats9/28/200943.63 KBDownload
Kitten Care9/28/200933.37 KBDownload
Medicating your pet9/28/2009175.26 KBDownload
Microchipping Animals9/28/200956.11 KBDownload
Presenting for Surgery9/28/200919.99 KBDownload
Puppy Preschool9/28/200926.63 KBDownload
Puppy Training Information9/28/2009135.82 KBDownload
Rabbits RCD9/28/200933.15 KBDownload
The Wellington After Hours Clinic7/11/2014100.80 KBDownload
Young Animal Nutrition9/28/200943.13 KBDownload

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