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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Past, Present & Future

The Maidstone Veterinary Clinic was established in April 1978 as a small sub branch of Tony Lovedays Lower Hutt Veterinary Clinic.  After working in the clinic for 6 months, Peter Miller took the opportunity to purchase the practice and the building. The practice then utilised approx ¼ of the main building and ½ of the garage. Peter and his family lived on site in another part of the building for a number of years.
In 1984/85 major renovations were undertaken which turned the main building into the reception, waiting & sales areas, consult rooms, staff & offices area. The garage was fully converted into a surgery and cage room. The clinic continued to grow with 2 full time vets working in the practice. It was open 5 ½ days a week and shared after-hour duties with Taita Veterinary Clinic.

In September 1989 Peter Miller and his wife Jane-Marie died tragically in a light plane accident in the Marlborough Sounds. Peter Warmerdam was working as the 2nd vet in the clinic at that time and in April 1990 he purchased the business.

In the early 90’s, under Peter Warmerdam’s ownership the practice continued to grow and provide veterinary services for companion, farm and equine animals. In 1996 the building changed ownership and was refurbished. With 3 full time vets working in the Practice we were now able to open 7 days a week.
With the growth of veterinary products and specialized diets, there was a change in veterinary practice as the focus moved to promoting pet wellness in addition to being the place to come when your pet was sick.  In the following years the clinic continued to grow and space was at a premium. Often all the cages were occupied by surgical cases and sick patients. This was the catalyst for a major building extension with expansion of the surgical facilities, building of separate cat and 2 dogs wards, an isolation room, associated animal caging, a boarding facility and a store room.  We were fortunate to be located on a large section with the existing buildings placed in such a way that we were able to attach and blend the new extension in with the existing building while keeping an area of lawn on which to exercise dogs.  This extension, which doubled our available building area, was completed in June 1993 and has since been a great asset to the practice and its clients.

Since 1997 we have been using a fully computerised veterinary program. The hardware and software was fully replaced with a complete upgrade in March 2007. This upgrade will bring exciting changes to the way we ‘connect’ with our clients.
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The Maidstone Veterinary Clinic has 4 vets covering a range of veterinary services so that we can cater for all our clients whom have a range of pets. All the vets in the Practice have a differing focus and set of skills with their own individual and complementing interests. This enables us to provide a wide range of pet care - from your pet guinea pig through to cats and dogs. 
This extensive range of care does create its own challenges with organizing our days and thus always having a vet available who is able to provide care for your pet. We sometimes have to do ‘Out Calls’ to see animals that cannot be transported to the clinic. These along with Home Calls are time consuming and are thus offered in the early afternoons during the week when the clinic is less busy with consultations and surgery.

When you present your sick pet to us, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you a range of options and solutions for the situation. We will give advice and try to tailor a solution for you and your pet. We do this to get a satisfactory outcome for the animal, for you as owner and to meet our ethical and Animal Welfare obligations.

We are a general veterinary practice, which means that we are not specialists in our fields. Our range of services covers 98% of all the cases that are presented to us. Our Clinic has a good range of equipment that assists us in medical, diagnostic and surgical cases. As a Team we support and help each other with difficult cases. We research these in the literature and use VIN (Veterinary Information Network) to consult ‘online’ with specialists to seek the very latest information available.

On occasions we will get cases that are better served by referral to specialists and in these situations we will give advice and offer the option of seeking the best specialist for your pets ailment.

As professionals we rely heavily on our team of well-trained nurses and receptionists. They too have their own focus in the Practice, utilizing their strengths ranging from Nursing, Surgery and Client Communications to Stock and Inventory. 
This then enables us all to work as a Team knowing that we can rely on each other to do the best possible for the patient and its owner.
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Over time businesses must progress and change to keep pace with new technologies, drugs and changes in the needs of its customers. Veterinary Clinics are no different!

Our futures plans are to continue investing in our staff so that the vets and nurses can follow courses and up-skill and thus offer more and better services to our clients. We have just purchased an ultrasound machine.

We want to maintain our focus on providing a good range of veterinary products and diets to increase the well being of your pet. With these products we have seen an overall increase in the lifespan of our pets with a good quality of life - even into their ‘twilight’ years.

With our new computer system we want to increase communications to our clients by electronic means: emails and website information. It will allow our clients to access their files to check up on personal and animal details, to check when reminders are due and look at previous purchases and bills. This will also enable you to access information about the clinic and services offered.

As only one of 2 practices in the Greater Wellington area doing Farm and Production animal work, we will continue to provide this service to our clients. However, we will only guarantee this service to clients that have gone through a registration and Terms of Trade process and are willing to have a committed long-term business relationship with the practice.

We look forward to seeing you at the clinic and helping you care
for your pets as best as you and we can!

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