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Wednesday, March 21, 2018



Denise Honey -  Reception

I started my working days at Maidstone Veterinary Clinic in July 1978. I was intending to work three nights a week, but I soon realized that my passion was working with animals. I left my job as a medical secretary, and became a full-time staff member. My intention was to also do my OE but I enjoyed my job so much that it never eventuated.

I work two days a week. I have met some wonderful people, many who have become good friends.  I have also seen so many great changes take place at the Veterinary Clinic; the growth from a branch clinic in a house to a stand alone business. Then came the expansion to utilize the whole house and garage, the new hospital area and recently the new extensions and animal boarding areas which have become a great asset to the practice.

I live locally with my husband and daughter, two gorgeous dog's Ella and Evie and four cats.

My hobbies are cooking, gardening and travel. I thoroughly enjoy my time at Maidstone.

Debbie M'Nijel -  Reception / Stock

I grew up in the Manawatu and have always had an interest in animals. I attended Pony Club until the age of 19 when I did my “OE" where I met my husband whilst in Scotland. We returned to NZ four years later started a family and all three of our children are now young adults.

Living on a lifestyle block gives us the tranquility of rural life close to Upper Hutt but we do have a menagerie of animals which keeps us busy. I have now worked at MVC for 10 years doing nursing and reception duties and now I am in charge of drugs and stock purchases. Part time work provides me with the best of both worlds and allows me to support my husband with his business.
 Tabitha - Clinic Cat

 We are sure by now that many of you have meet our clinic cat. She got to know the staff and was 
 looking for a new home before being chosen by Peter as the “Clinic Cat”. She keeps the boss’ chair
 and lap warm, and helps the vets by keeping the keyboards swept and generally giving them
 attention being particularly fond of Brandon. She can be found loitering around the clinic hoping to
 be fed (she is currently on a strict diet, well is suppose to be but that doesn't always happen!). She is
 most often asleep in the vets office, or in front of the Heater!
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